What Membership Means

“An example of people coming together to take care of their heritage…”

Who Are Our Members?

AFR 6 guys1

Restoration Work at American Flag Ranch, 2013

With a limited operating budget and only three part-time staff members, the Oracle Historical Society depends wholly on members willing to donate time, expertise and/or funds.

Much like the community whose history we hope to preserve, OHS members bring diverse talents and backgrounds to their work. From volunteering for our annual spring cleanup to serving as museum docents, from organizing our library and writing grants to working on building repairs, volunteer members make up the core of our organization.

You too can help to preserve our heritage by becoming a member today.

Why Join?

Since its founding in 1877, Oracle has offered a sense of place – like no other – to the many different individuals who have chosen to live here.

Nancy Terry (center) on Mt View Hotel porch

Nancy Terry (center) on Mt View Hotel Porch

As a member, you will enjoy other benefits, such as special ‘members’ events and discounted rates, our semi-annual newsletter Front Porch News and updates about many exciting OHS activities – including field trips, speaker events, exhibits, workshops, receptions and festivals.

As the area continues to grow and change, it is important to preserve a connection to our unique cultural and historic heritage. By becoming a member, you will help with efforts to raise awareness of and deepen appreciation for the region’s extraordinary history, and to preserve our special sense of place.

 How to Become a Member

Family in Auto, circa 1920

Family in Auto, circa 1920

Almost everything OHS has accomplished has been made possible through the efforts and generosity of our members.

Please consider joining our membership. You can download and print out an application and send it, along with a check made out to the Oracle Historical Society, to: Oracle Historical Society • PO Box 10 • Oracle AZ 85623

Feel free to email or call (520) 896-0969 with any questions or for more information.