The Oracle Historical Society and Acadia Ranch Museum are deeply indebted to the following organizations and individuals for their generous support, through project sponsorship or significant donations. These contributions have been critical to helping OHS achieve it’s goals in historic preservation, public education and outreach, and partnership building over the past several years.

The Arizona Commission on the Arts
The Arizona Historical Society
The Arizona Humanities Council
The Smithsonian ‘Museum on Main Street
Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records
Arizona Historical Records Advisory Board
Arizona Trails Association
The Southwestern Foundation for Education and Historical Preservation
The International QuestersSonoran Searchers Chapter
Darrell Klesch
Johnson Utilities LLC
Oracle Ford
John and Gwen Rendall
Pete Rios
Robson Resort Communities
Rose Law Group
Cinnamon Schiek
John Wasley
Arthur Smith
H. Tom Thompson
Gino Zappia
Chuck Sternberg
Catherine Ellis
Kevin Armbrust